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Heart & Soul…Wedding F.A.Q.s


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering ‘Heart & Soul’ for your wedding reception.

We urge you to give your evening careful consideration, as the music is the last impression your guests will have of your reception.

Good music is not cheap, but all too often cheap music is not good!

 Does ‘Heart & Soul’ play at many weddings?

Yes. Although we play at corporate functions and parties, we play more weddings than any other type of booking.

How does the band dress for a wedding reception?

Presentation is everything. The band dress appropriately for every booking they play.

When will the band arrive?

For an 8pm start, the band will arrive at 6:45pm. Equipment is set up while the hotel is turning the room around for the evening reception.

How long do you typically play?

Our standard time frame is 4 hours, but additional time can be arranged depending on the date, time and location of your reception.

How many breaks do you take?

We only take one break during a 4 hour reception. Typically, we take a break whilst the evening buffet is being served as many hotels do not agree to guests dancing whilst hot beverages are being served.

What happens when the band takes a break? I don’t want my party to stop.

Heart & Soul’ provide recorded music throughout their break.

I’m concerned about the volume of the band. How can we be sure ‘Heart & Soul’ won’t be too loud?

We are experts at keeping the volume just right. As the evening progresses we turn up the volume just enough to keep the crowd up dancing. ‘Heart & Soul’ bring a ‘state of the art’ sound system that provides the highest quality stereo sound, even at low volumes.

Is it possible to learn a special song for our first dance?

Where possible ‘Heart & Soul’ will always try to accommodate your song choice for the first dance. However, some people prefer the original artist’s version of their special song. If you give prior warning we can arrange to have the original artist’s version ready for you on the evening.

 How much will it cost to have ‘Heart & Soul’ as my band?

Our pricing is based on an hourly rate and operates on a minimum of 4 hours. Obviously if there is a great deal of travelling involved then this will be reflected in our overall price.  A £100.00 deposit payable by bank transfer, at the time of booking, secures the engagement.  Please note that after a period of seven days this deposit is non-refundable, should the booking be cancelled by the client.

 Is it possible to hear the band?

Yes. Our song samples page is kept up-to-date. If you would like to hear the band live contact us though the email address or telephone number on the contacts page

 Do I need to meet the band prior to my reception?

The reception planning can be done over the telephone or through the ‘Heart & Soul’ web site.

 How will you handle the flow of events, the introduction of the bridal party etc..?

Prior to starting the evening off a band member will discuss the protocol for the first dance with the Bride and Groom. ‘Heart & Soul’ are experienced in working in conjunction with both hotel management and staff.